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“Radiant” is the new technology that makes us the market leader.

As we grow larger and larger and we design our data centers with more foresight and knowledg e about the mining business, we are able to make improvements to our data center design that drastically decrease need for manual labor. To achieve the best performing mining system, our team carefully broke down every component that goes into mining:

  • Data center facilities
  • Location
  • Supply chain
  • Miners and power units
  • Cooling systems and
  • our Farm Management Solution (Pico Hive)

All new mining hardware that run with our radiant tech was designed and produced for maximum efficiency.it specifically fits our need for easy handling fast deployment and effective maintenance.the final product is what allowing us to build the most efficient operation that we have ever achieved and that the same time to scale up massively if required.

How do you benefit as a customer?

cheaper contracts

Reduced maintenance fees for all mining services




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